L.E.A.D. Academy's First Baseball Game

As we watched history being made, you couldn't help but to feel an overwhelming pride sweep over you as L.E.A.D Academy's very first baseball team took the field. Not only did our team show top-notch sportsmanship, but they kept very true to our motto: Laus Deo Semper - Praise always to God. As the crowd watched, we witnessed a young man who was playing catcher for our team address a teammate from the opposite team when he got hit by the ball. He helped him up and made sure he was okay, patted his back and encouraged his opponent. Our whole team cheered for each other, built each other up and showed tremendous support for each other. Today was a first in history but certainly not a last. As the game ended, we watched as their fearless leader come to prayed over these boys and encourage them and shower them with pride and love. Here's the first of many great baseball games for L.E.A.D. Academy.

It is with great honor that I present to you L.E.A.D. Academy's very first baseball team: