It all started when I was a little girl. I used to get those little snap and shoot cameras with the film rolls that you have to wind up to go to the next picture. I was always SOOOO excited to take my disposable camera into a local store to get the film roll developed and see how the pictures would turn out. My little 5 year old hands had meticulously posed every single thing just so I could take a snap shot of it. Our poor dog was probably my most posed subject (not that he cared, he just liked the attention), and I quickly fell in love with the art of creating.

Several years later I was given a Polaroid camera of my very own - this was the coolest thing to me! I didn't have to wait for my film to be developed any longer, it just printed straight from the camera! It was a dream come true - love at first sight. 

As the years went on, my eye for photography and my heart for creating art became stronger and stronger. I purchased my first DSLR camera in high school. I spent many hours trying this and trying that to see what worked best. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy a fancy camera until I mastered the one I had.

I kept true to that promise. I spent many years with that semi-professional DSLR but the day finally came when I was ready to move on. So, I upgraded my camera and my lenses and spent countless hours on different editing styles and finally created the brand that I am today. 

Photography is not an overnight sensation. You don't just wake up knowing how to capture moments that will forever last a lifetime. But rather, the art of photography is a journey... A journey that was cultivated in that 5 year old little girl who I used to be. It is a progression of trials and mistakes and learning that develops into a way of life.

I am so glad that you are here with me on my journey. I am excited to see how it unfolds and I sure hope that you will be a part of it!